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Company History

Founded in 1995 by Michael Drevalas, Alpha Review Corporation (ARC) specializes in nationwide workers' compensation medical bill review. Our clients are primarily insurance carriers, large self-insured entities, and third party administrators (TPAs). In addition to workers compensation, we also provide bill review for auto and liability claims.

Mr. Drevalas began his health care cost containment career in 1979 in the Hartford, CT office of Equifax Services, Atlanta, GA. Working exclusively with large New England based insurance carrier home offices; he specialized in the sale of hospital bill auditing. As the health care cost containment industry evolved from retrospective claim cost containment to a more prospective approach, i.e., wellness, pre-certification, concurrent care review and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), he gained valuable experience working closely with clients to implement, monitor, and coordinate these nationwide programs. Up to that point he had worked primarily in the group health industry.

Beginning in 1988, he began to implement similar programs with workers compensation insurance carriers, large self-insured companies and TPAs through his employment with ConServCo (subsidiary of Travelers Insurance) and Intracorp (subsidiary of CIGNA).

In May 1995, Alpha Review Corporation was incorporated in Illinois. The goal was to specialize in bill review while providing the highest level of quality, service and savings. Though the large companies he had worked for throughout his career had tried to do this, Mr. Drevalas felt strongly that by centralizing services, significantly better control over the process could be achieved.

By maintaining up-to-the-minute rules and state-certified databases for all fee scheduled states, along with Reasonable and Actual Charge Data (RACD, formerly usual and customary) databases in non-fee scheduled states, ARC met this goal. ARC is a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders. Every bill is reviewed by a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). ARC complements its bill review expertise with targeted cost management programs, i.e., specialty review, utilization management programs, pharmacy benefit management, diagnostic imaging, and durable medical equipment programs and other specialty networks.

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