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Medical Bill Auditing



Insurance companies and employers have, at times, an unenviable job. When customers need medical treatment, hospitals and doctors need to be compensated for the services they deliver. The insurance company or employer is the organization that pays those costs. The cost of medical care in this country is high, and many payers simply don’t have the time or expertise to recognize and challenge mistakes made by hospital billing departments. When it’s your obligation to be certain that medical bills are correct, Alpha Review Corporation’s medical bill auditing services help streamline this process. Every medical claim you pay is subject to certain federal, local and state-mandated requirements. These regulations are complex and vary from one state to another and different medical providers have different requirements. It can quickly become overwhelming. Our bill auditing services complement your claims adjusters with state-of-the-art technology. Before your claims adjusters see the bills, we check them first.

Here is how the process works:

Your providers submit bills directly to us — we are contracted to receive electronic or paper bills from more than 500,000 providers. We subject each bill to multiple quality assurance checks. Your bills are reviewed by Certified Professional Coders, and codes are rebundled as necessary. We review charges based on applicable regulations and industry standards and accepted Reasonable, Actual Charge Data (RACD). Finally, we put each bill into a standard format and put them online, where your claims adjusters can access them through our secure website. The process is quick and easy. Consider these benefits of an Alpha Review medical bill audit:

  • Enhanced EDI Interfaces
  • Document imaging and storage
  • 24-hour access to online bill review and approval
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) capability
  • Internet-based standard reports
  • Client-driven workflow options
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Specialty Review program via nurse/physician review
  • HIPAA-compliant transactions

With our medical bill auditing service, you can spend less. Our streamlined system allows payments to be processed more quickly, and at a fraction of the cost. Alpha Review also has the capability to pay many providers electronically, which means that providers receive their money more quickly, and you deal with fewer duplicate bills and payment inquiries from providers.

Your claims adjusters are essential to your efficient operation. Without them, the billing and payment process would slow to a crawl. Contact us today, and find out how your adjusters can spend more time working at what they do best, rather than medical bill auditing.

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