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PPO Services


Alpha Review Corporation is perfect for those working with preferred provider organizations. ARC is able to offer exceptional PPO services through over 20 different regional and national PPO networks. These networks facilitate ARC's PPO services and provide many advantages to clients regardless of their location or PPO needs. Through these contracts, ARC is contracted with more than four million providers, nationwide.

Among the PPO services offered through ARC are coverage needs analysis, the creation of a network hierarchy custom designed for individual clients, and assistance in finding the right contracted provider. ARC's PPO services also include pharmacy benefit management (PBM). ARC is electronically connected with these PBM’s to ensure there is no leakage in the process.

ARC clients can find the best-priced and most appropriate durable medical equipment (DME) thanks to ARC contracts with different DME networks. DME services include both a Prospective and Retrospective program, along with discounted rates and electronic connectivity that facilitates the process of acquiring the appropriate equipment.

In addition to being contracted with DME networks, ARC also has partnerships with Diagnostic Imaging networks throughout the country. These partnerships ensure that ARC clients receive low rates on appointments at network-affiliated providers. The ARC electronic health ticket system helps clients increase savings by up to 40% on claims by increasing network penetration of PPO networks and PBM programs. Also, the electronic health ticket facilitates the tasks of case management staff and makes referrals possible for both medical providers and injured workers to help them access preferred providers.

The ARC PPO services’ electronic health ticket provides a variety of features including tools such as the PPO compliance tool and the claim communication tool that help clients deal with workers' compensation and claims responsibilities. Furthermore, ARC ensures compliance with cost-containment strategies and offers pharmacy assistance and information including a prescription drug card. Clients that use the electronic health ticket enjoy increased PPO network access and avoid any potential liability for ‘silent PPO’ reductions.

If you work with preferred provider organizations and are interested in the services offered by Alpha Review Corporation, please contact ARC either by telephone or our website. More information on the many advantages of ARC services and answers to your questions will be provided promptly.

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