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Electronic Medical Bill Review

Insurance companies are the ones that pay when customers receive medical treatment. Your customers need medical treatment, and hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals must be paid.

When your customers’ medical bills are submitted to you, and your claims adjusters review the bills, putting these highly skilled individuals to work on bill review is not the most cost-effective use of their time. At Alpha Review Corporation, we offer comprehensive electronic medical bill review services.

Every state, medical provider and insurance company has its own set of rules and regulations. Depending on the state, the insurance company may be required to pay for different types of services, and medical providers are authorized to provide different services. Many states have standardized rates for different types of care. There are often many hoops to jump through, and the process takes time. Our electronic medical bill review services streamline the process.

Here is how it works:
The providers can submit medical bills directly to us. We are already contracted to receive electronic bills from more than 500,000 providers all over the country. Any paper bills we receive are immediately scanned and posted securely online for your convenience. Your adjusters will be able to review bills online, quickly and easily, so that you can be certain everything is accurate. Some of the benefits of electronic medical bill review include:

  • Approvals and denials can be made at the line level.
  • Customized rules and alerts can flag bills from a particular state, a certain provider or claims that meet whatever criteria you provide us. This means you can be certain that the right people are reviewing bills.
  • All paperwork relating to an individual claim can be retrieved and reviewed with just a few clicks.

Our streamlined system allows us to electronically review medical bills more quickly, and at a fraction of the cost. Alpha Review has the capability to pay many providers electronically, which means that providers receive their money more quickly, and you have to deal with fewer duplicate bills and calls from providers about payment. Your claims adjusters are essential to your efficient and effective operation. Contact us today, and your adjusters can spend more time working at what they do best, rather than bill review.

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