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Worker's Compensation Audit from Alpha Review Corporation

Employers and insurers of all sizes trust Alpha Review for their workers' compensation medical bill review needs. Our experienced, knowledgable Certified Professional Coders are experts in medical bill coding, and their expertise and relentless attention to detail ensures that no billing mistakes go unnoticed.

Here's how our worker's compensation medical bill review process works:

  • Your providers submit bills directly to us electronically or by paper.
  • We subject each bill to multiple quality assurance checks, ensuring every bill is reviewed by Certified Professional Coders.
  • Errors are identified and challenged as necessary, so you never pay more than you have to.
  • Finalized bills are put into a standard format and posted online for easy access for your claims adjusters.

The entire process is fast, easy, and hassle-free for you, and the employer. We'll provide the workers' comp medical bill review and you can focus on what you do best -- your business

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